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medical  tour & assist

We are dedicated team with combined medical expertise and patient management experience.   Our combined experience covers all aspects of patient care as well as in depth understanding of Indonesian  medical systems.

We are highly experienced in handling both complex medical situations along with the treatment and transfer of medical patients.

We assist in managing medical tour & medical assist in Indonesia

We offer a range of service for individuals, families, & businesses

Providing the low cost medical tour & assistance

We select a high standard of low cost accommodation that is comfortable, quiet and within close vicinity of the private hospital. We offer a range of accommodation types, which we will tailor to your needs and preferences. All our providers are very used to having medical patients as guests and make an extra effort to ensure you are well looked after.

Our Mission

is to be the leading provider of medical assist  & tour services in the South East Asia by delivering the highest quality outcomes for patients at an affordable cost.

Our Vision

is to transform the provision of  medical assist & tour in the South East Asia. This we hope to achieve through implementation of innovation, the highest quality healthcare standards, and through building our relationships with all the stakeholders involved in South East Asia.




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We work with many insurers and government organisations throughout the Indonesia, so contact us to find out whether you are able to access high quality, affordable healthcare

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Operated in Semarang Indonesia

Singosari II no 5 Pleburan Semarang – Jawa Tengah Indonesia

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